Saudi Scientific Society of Stroke Researchers and physicians.



To Reduce Stroke Incidence, Disability and Death

Strategic Plan

- Develop professional thinking in the field of stroke and promote scientific and professional practice of the Society members.

- Provide the opportunity to all professionals, in relation to stroke, to participate in the scientific advancement of the field.

- Develop National Stroke Register.

- Facilitate the exchange of scientific and professional information between the Society and various institutions inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Provide consultations and perform studies that will endorse the specialty of stroke as related to other medical organizations.

- Cooperate with Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in outlining the standards of the practice for stroke management and taking part in supervising and maintaining acceptable standards for stroke patient care.

- Participate in raising the overall public awareness concerning the field of stroke.

About Us


First Steps

First Steps

It was in June 2006, when the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties approved the request of the Saudi Advisory Group Against Stroke (SAGAS) to establish the Saudi Stroke Association (SSA).


1st General assembly

Following that, the 1st general assembly was conducted in January 2007, at King Fahd Medical City, to elect the SSA board members, and the Society was officially formed. Since the formation of the board, the vision, mission, goals, objectives and bylaws were developed and finalized. Also, different committees were created to serve the Society in an organized manner and in the best way


At the present

The Saudi Stroke Society is proud to launch the newly redesigned website on the World Stroke Awareness Day.